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Hasselblad H4D-40 40 MP body - Under 2k clicks!! - cleaned & calibrated

Donderdag 12 februari, 2015

Hasselblad H4d-40 camera body almost like new. It comes with the original box and goodies. It has a VERY LOW SHUTTER COUNT - less than 2k, and this is a professional camera made to take hundreds of thousands of images. So you are essentially getting a new camera. Also the camera was sent to Hasselblad's New Jersey facility and cleaned and calibrated August 2012 (I got it back 2 weeks ago!). So it doesn't get any better than this.
I am only selling because I have decided to down-size and get out of medium format all together. I have four Hasselblad lenses I will be selling too, and extra batteries. 
If you want some inspiration, I recommend getting one of the Hasselblad Master's books. They have amazing photos which no other camera could take. The sensor on this camera is about twice the area of the largest full frame Canon or Nikons. Its a far bigger improvement going from full frame to Hasselblad than it going from APC-sensor (D90) to D3s. Also Canon & Nikon are 12-14 bit sensors, while the Hasselblad is 16 bits - giving you a larger dynamic range, and smoother skin tones.

9713AV Groningen
50 363 7231
50 363 7231
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    Advertentie: Hasselblad H4D-40 40 MP body - Under 2k clicks!! - cleaned & calibrated
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